Craving Boiled Shrimp for Dinner?

Eat your fill with our help in Haughton, LA

Boiled shrimp, crab and sides make the perfect meal when you're ready for a feast. If you want to fill up on seafood, Booga Bear's Boil-N-Geaux in Haughton, LA has you covered. We serve boiled snow crab, shrimp and crawfish.

Call 337-391-9612 now to place an order for dinner.

How we keep our customers happy

When it comes to serving boiled shrimp and crab, we're the experts. We keep our customers coming back for more by:

Cooking everything to perfection-we know how to cook seafood just right
Serving plenty of sides-you can get boiled potatoes, corn or smoked sausage with your seafood

We'll customize your order, so you can eat at much shrimp, crab and sides as you want. If you're ready to go in on a plate of boiled snow crab, contact us today to find out where we're set up.